Slackware hackery


Fed up with that crazy horizontal scrolling you get on the command line? Yearning for proper, wrapping text instead?

sudo cp -b -S.dist /etc/termcap-BSD /etc/termcap

Simple and effective.


Sendmail configuration is the ne plus ultra of the dark arts. However, Slackware has one or two little tricks to catch those foolish/confident enough to try. Top of the list is that the aliases file resides in /etc/mail and not one level above as in other distros. Here be dragons.

Also, the statistics file isn't enabled by default so you will need to add

O StatusFile=/etc/mail/statistics

to and restart if you want to log the stats. The specified file should already exist.

The .mc file is at /usr/share/sendmail/cf/cf/ It would be best to copy this somewhere else, modify that and then apply it with

m4 > /etc/mail/


Slackware uses dcron which is smaller than the crons used by other dists (vixie, cronie, chrony, etc.) but still fairly full-featured. There are some caveats, though.


The batch limits need to be tweaked for any system with more than one core. Edit /etc/rc.d/rc.M and set the load limit to something appropriate. eg. for a 4-core system:

/usr/sbin/atd -b 15 -l 3.8

Sometimes the ownership of the files and dirs used by at gets a bit messed up. A full fix appears to be (as root):

slackpkg reinstall at
chown daemon:daemon /var/spool/at* /var/spool/atjobs/.SEQ
chgrp daemon /etc/at.deny


amavisd-new is available as a slackbuild but there are a couple of problems with the documentation.